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Here are the some of our tours. Of course we can customize them or create your unique tour to Ukraine.

Travel Ukraine DMC - Kyiv weekend break

Weekend break KYIV(2 nights-3 days)

as from 231 USD/per person

Short & sweet discovery of Kyiv. 

City with over 1000 years old history. Come through Golden Gate and hear the silence of Sofia Cathedral. Feel the artistic vibe of Podil and dive into atmosphere of freedom at Maidan Nezalezhnosti. 


Travel Ukraine DMC - Lviv weekend break

Weekend break LVIV (2 nights - 3 days)

as from 148 USD/per person

Short & sweet discovery of Lviv. 

Unforgettable atmosphere with the smell of coffee and taste of plyatski. 

Discover delicious Galytska cuisine and dive into romantic ambiance of saint churches. 


Travel Ukraine DMC - Odesa weekend break

Weekend break Odesa(2 nights-3 days)

As from 166 USD/per person

Short & sweet discovery of Odesa. 

Try city-port with fresh sea breeze filled with special sense of humor, beautiful architecture, marvelous food and happy people.


Travel Ukraine DMC - Ukraine short tours

Hello Ukraine: Kyiv-Kamyatets-Podilsky (4 nights-5 days) 

as from 253 USD/per person

Kamyanets founded at the beginning of 13 century. Fascinated history of full of stories of kings, wars and heroes. Do not miss your must do selfie at fortress view that it's main landmark and city attraction. 


Travel Ukraine DMC - Ukraine short tours

Hello Ukraine: Kyiv-Zaporizhia (4 nights-5 days) 

as from 292 USD/per person

Zaporizhia is known as Cossacks centre with its Khortysya, biggest Dnipro islands also a "door" to Cossacs lands.  Cossacks were brave warriors that form democratic republic with its specific lifestyle and traditions. 

Later Zaporizhia has turned to industrial and energetic city with one of the biggest hydro power plant in Europe.


Travel Ukraine DMC - Ukraine short tours

Hello Ukraine: Kyiv-Kherson (4 nights-5 days) 

as from 256 USD/per person

Situated on the South of Ukraine, Kherson & region has lots to offer: wine yards, desserts, mountains and even pink lakes. But you will be fascinated with the beauty of Askania Nova reserve park, that will give you true safari touch.


Travel Ukraine DMC - Ukraine short tours

Hello Ukraine: Kyiv-Kharkiv (4 nights-5 days) 

as from 417 USD/per person

You will spend time in 2 capitals. Kyiv is the historical and current capital of Ukraine and Kharkiv was the capital for 15 years (in USSR period). Both are worth of visiting and lots of discoveries awaits for you.


Travel Ukraine DMC - Kyiv - Lviv - Odesa tour

Hello Ukraine: Kyiv-Lviv-Odesa (7 nights-8 days) 

as from 463 USD/per person

This tour will show 3 "cities in demand for foreigners" in Ukraine. Dynamic and never sleeping capital - Kyiv, cozy and medieval Lviv and light and gastronomic Odesa. All our programs are designed in such a way that you will be able to get basic knowledge of the city and time to discover at your own or spend time with the excursions of your interest. 


Travel Ukraine DMC - Ukraine excursion tour

Hello Ukraine: Kyiv-Bukovel(7 nights-8 days) 

as from 485 USD/per person

Quick introduction with Kyiv and you will move to the famous Ukrainian Ski Resort - Bukovel. 

It's a great nature of Carpathian mountains, relaxing recreation and numerous activities with traditional authenticity.  


Travel Ukraine DMC - mountain tours

Hello Ukraine: Carpathian mountains (9 nights-10 days) 

as from 1189 USD/person

Real adventure with Carpathian mountains. 

This region is known for marvelous mountain sceneries, ski sport in winter and hiking in summer, SPA & mineral water resorts and authentic ethnic groups with unique lifestyle & cuisine.


Travel Ukraine DMC - Soviet style tours in Ukraine

Ukraine "Back to USSR"Kyiv-Zaporizhia-Kryvyi Rig-Dnipro-Kharkiv (9 nights-10 days) 

as from 900 USD/person

You will unveil disappearing side of Ukraine and its "red past" that for almost 70 years was in cage of communist regime. It's very controversial period of our history. Here you visit 5 cities that still have a strong traces of USSR past. 


Ancient history

People live here for thousands years. The vast territories of Ukraine (we almost same size as France), will reveal interesting stories about different époques and heroes

Rich culture

Apart from Ukrainian traditions, rituals & lifestyle, we will see life & culture of other nationalities lived on the territories of Ukraine (Crimean, Bulgarians, Greeks, Germans, Serbian, Polish)

Hospitable people

Ukrainians are mild hearted and honest, love to share and welcome their guests generously

Delicious gastronomy 

Ukrainian cuisine will impress you with variety of local grown products and it's high quality. Michlen guide already start to inspect Ukraine, so be ready that Ukraine will hit the world with new dishes and new tastes. 

Beautiful architecture

Old castles, sophisticated palaces, fantastic opera houses and elegant buildings will make you want to discover more...

Lot of churches

Yes, you will see them lots all over the country. Ukrainians have great variety of different confessions from Christianity to Buddhism.

Facinating discoveries

We notice that many our guests change their initial vision of the country, so let it be your turn! 

Great memories

Ukraine has so much to offer that it's hard to keep only on 1 page. Our guests leaves the country with remarks "above expectations" 

Ukraine - as international known touristic destination

So far it's a big goal, and Ukraine already started it's way to be recognized by international guests. More to go... So now you can enjoy very genuine and authentic destination that so far not overcrowded with tourists.

Here are some feedbacks from our guests:

I wish to take this opportunity to give my thank and appreciation to  Nadia and her Team for a fabulous holiday experience in Ukraine.  I have fell in love with your country and wish to visit Ukraine in winter

Nicolene de Kock

from South Africa

Travel Ukraine DMC can offer:

Plan & organize the whole stay itinerary from A to Z

Book your accommodation

Provide you with transfers and transportation services

Assist you with insurance

Consult you regarding your visa

Book the guides and offer the excursion tours


B2C DMC>Customer

We help individual travellers for arrange their stay (couple, family or friends stay)

B2B DMC > TO worldwide

We collaborate with tour companies to supply them with all accommodation, ground handling and other touristic services for their requests. 

B2B DMC>MICE Travel Agencies

We work with companies who want to bring big groups or do MICE tourism.


We offer wide variety of accommodation, so please select what you prefer...

Do you need your accommodation in Ukraine? Just leave your contacts below. 

some of the hoteliers we are working with:


Chose & pick your favorite one...

We can provide English speaking drivers as well. All our guests who book our transfers receive 0.5ml bottle of water. 

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Apart from cars & buses we can help you to book those:

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You can book one of these as a part of your itinerary or book it as individual service.


One of the brightest and memorable tour in Ukraine. It tells the story of man made catastrophe with great ecological impact. It also shows the nature pawer that can recover from human's damages. 


Ukraine can impress you with various gastronomy adventures. Road of wine and tastes in Odesa Region. Wineyards in Zakarpatya region. Prince Trubetsky wineyards in Kherson region. 


We can offer this unforgettable experience in Kyiv, Kamyanets - Podilsky and some other cities of Ukraine.


Kayak tour in Dnipro river as well as Dniester, Buh and other numerous rivers of Ukraine. You will see the leftovers of ancient Dnipro rapids or reserve areas with Red Book birds and animals.


Relaxing boat trip to enjoy Kyiv from the water. Or maybe you want to go for real adventure for several days ? All is possible 


Ancient dungeons of Lviv, catacombs of Odesa, historical bunkers from world war II.  You will be amazed to know that Ukraine can offer hundred of nature caves that have traces of human beings.


Due to rich history when apart from Ukrainians, Ukrainian territory was under Polish, Russians, Austrian power. That left a great heritage in castles, fortresses and palaces. Make great adventure to see tragical Baturyn fortress, unique Lutsk fortress or Kachanivka palace.


Celebrate  Ukrainian authentic holidays that come back from pagan's time. Or participate at numerous festivals, fairs and national celebrations all over the country.

Do you need your excursion in Ukraine? Just leave your contacts below. 


ALL our guides are great and well experienced. Here some of our stars.

We offer guides in English, French, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, German languages (other languages on request) all over Ukraine.

Travel Ukraine DMC - guides service in Kyiv


Experienced guide in Kyiv. She speaks English & can make tours in Arabic

Travel Ukraine DMC - guides service in Odesa


Experienced English speaking guide that will facitane you with industrial Kryvyi Rih town.

Travel Ukraine DMC - guides service in Lviv


Experienced and always cheerful English speaking guide in Lviv & region.

Travel Ukraine DMC - guides service in Odesa


Experienced English speaking guide will fall in love with Odesa & region.

Do you need a guide in Ukraine? Just leave your contacts below. 

Why do you choose Travel Ukraine DMC for your tour in Ukraine?

Social mission

We start the small initiative that will help to restore, protect and care for our numerous parks, architectural landmarks.  You can learn more about this initiative with our Team. 

Referral & Loyalty programs 

 is made encourage you and your friends to come and discover Ukraine

Love & passion

We love serving our guests. We are passionate to perform high service standards and responsible for what we do. We value our reputation for our suppliers, partners and guests.

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A word from the founder

Hello, my name is Nadia, and in early 2020 just right before covid 19 shook the world, I had founded Travel Ukraine DMC. Being in tourism for over 15 years and working both in Ukraine and abroad, I finally started to materialize my long waited dream. 

Since childhood I liked traveling around Ukraine, when I become student, I showed my country to my friends foreigners and later I started to guide foreign tourists on professional level. 

It's a signature project, so far it's not big, but ambitious travel company that will help Ukrainians and foreigners to travel around Ukraine. Every day we have the opportunity to change the perception of foreigners about image they have about Ukraine (before coming here), and I can proudly say that so far I hear only positive feedbacks. I know Ukraine still need to uplift in some of infrastructure moments and bring higher standards in terms of getting international travel recognition, but even now, Ukraine amazes with hospitable and kind people, delicious food, authentic traditions and rich history.

For instance we decided to raise initiative to share funds (income from the tours), yearly we will give as financial support to reserves, parks or museums in Ukraine which requires financial assistance. This will help us to bring tourism level in Ukraine in better and better way each year.

Travel Ukraine DMC likes to show Ukraine from different angles and create interesting tours, like yesterday we organized a romantic holiday for a couple with castles, today we organize a trip with industrial note to the Eastern part of Ukraine and tomorrow it's a family stay with visit of donkey farm and relax in the rural cottage. We like to search best solutions to our clients and we like to provide them with the best services that destination Ukraine can offer. We are ready to impress and fascinate so after your first time in Ukraine you'd like to come again and recommend Ukraine to your friends. 

Nadia Makarenko 


Travel Ukraine DMC - Nadia Makarenko founder

How to place the booking

Proceed your trip to Ukraine in just few simple steps.




You drop us little message via one of the forms in this site, on email or even what's up us. We will appreciate if you can advise your dates of travelling, number of guests travelling (including children and their age), your travelling preferences and level of accommodation (ideally if you will share the budget you have for your trip). 

Within 1-12hrs we will revert back with acknowledgment, and in 1 working day we revert to you with first proposal. 



Usually it needs from several hours to few weeks to settle the customized tour. Details are important. We also want to make sure that we proposed your best solution for your trip.



Once we settle the itinerary then we will sign the contract. It will contain the cancellation policies and main points of our work. 



As we work on pre-payment basis we will ask you to settle your payment with one of the proposed ways below. 



Here is your time to enjoy your stay in Ukraine.



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